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It seems I was destined to be a writer. Some of my earliest school projects were producing mini-encyclopedias on whatever subjects fascinated me at the time: garden birds, Native Americans, black and white movies.

It makes perfect sense, then, that I should now make my living from continuing to write about the subjects that interest me. Recent sources of fascination have included local history, food, medical breakthroughs, and more. And then there are the subjects I learn about through my ghostwriting projects, ranging from African protest music to nuclear gaseous diffusion.

Whether I am writing one of my own books, an article for a health magazine, or ghosting for a client, my goal is the same: to provide information to the reader in a manner that will speak most clearly to them. One of the best compliments a reader ever paid me is when they said that my books make them feel as if I am in the room talking to them individually. That, to me, is a job well done.

Born in England, and now settled in the United States, I am truly lucky to have traveled far and wide. I grew up in a small coastal resort town with my two sisters. I entered university, but not before Bavarian Alps for a summer. This first taste of overseas living left me thirsting for more, and so I spent my junior year of college braving the winter cold and summer floods of Iowa. After graduation, it was time for me to move again. I spent the next three years living in a small town in rural Japan, working as a school teacher. The experience profoundly influenced my life. In addition to meeting my future husband there, I developed a love of the culture that continues to this day. From Japan to Iowa again, where I entered a PhD program in Women’s Studies and Japanese. I volunteered for several women-focused nonprofits and served on the Board of Directors for a women’s clinic. I then took a teaching position at the University of Kentucky and moved to Lexington, which has been my home since 2001.

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