A Culinary History Of Kentucky: Burgoo, Beer Cheese & Goetta

A fine survey of Kentucky’s storied cuisine. – Alan Cornett, www.eatKentucky.com

 Pull up a chair to the kitchen table and enjoy a delicious adventure through Bluegrass food history. Kentucky’s cuisine can be traced back to Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, English and German roots, among others. A typical Kentucky meal might have the standard meat and three, but there are many dishes that can’t be found anywhere else. Poke sallet, despite its toxic roots and berries, is such a favorite in parts of eastern Kentucky that an annual festival celebrates it. Find recipes for dishes from burgoo to hog to moonshine and frogs. Join author Fiona Young-Brown as she details all the delectable delights sure to make the mouth water.

A Culinary History of Kentucky








Lemon Pie


Wondering how the book got its start? It all began a few years ago when I judged a beer cheese contest and wrote about the regional spicy dip for Culture magazine.


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